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Resolved/Closed / Lost **** and katana
« on: July 19, 2016, 11:10:26 am »
. When you frisk a cell you need to have the owner there, but I wasn't there when my cell got frisked. Even thought being online, they never called me to go there. I would like to have my katana and 1 gram of **** back if it is possible.

Closed Suggestions / Re: Helper Training Team(HTT)
« on: July 19, 2016, 11:05:55 am »
Not everyone is capable to train other people, there is going to be an application to be accepted in HTT.
We don't want every helper joining HTT because that would not be the best, in HTT will be the most active and best helpers. (( I don't want to seperate anyone, everyone is doing a good job)). We just need the best, there will also be requirements for this type of job.

Closed Suggestions / Re: Helper Training Team(HTT)
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:55:23 am »
@Kilbane I have been role playing for over six years by now. I have trained over two hundred people how to role play.. Not everyone reads the stuff that appear on your screen when you join a server, as I said this is up to the player if he wants to learn more role play. This is not necessary to join our classes and hear the helpers, it is up to you if you want the help.

Closed Suggestions / Re: Helper Training Team(HTT)
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:52:14 am »
@Dia - Nobody is born with the knowledge to be able to role play, people have to learn how to. We're just a bunch of people that will help other people by learning them to role play. It is not necessary to come in our classes, it is up to you if you want to learn how to role play further.
@Trigger- Thank you for your comment, really appreciate it.

Closed Suggestions / Re: DoC Rotatable Cameras
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:47:06 am »
Not needed,

Closed Suggestions / Helper Training Team(HTT)
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:44:53 am »
I have been in other helper community and I have seen this really helpful. Basically the HTT members are a group of chosen members from the helper team that can help more to the server.  The helpers that have HTT perms will learn the new players how to role play, there will also be role play classes twice in a week. If there is some rule breaker and he doesn't know how to role play, an helper can learn him how to role play also explain him the rules. The classes will be for every player that wants to come, in the classes there is going to be common role play. This will help to the community and learn people how to role play better.

- How is this going to work?
When a regular player or an administrator spots someone that is not capable to role play, then can use /helpme to check if any HTT is avalible. This is how the calling is going to work.

-What does the helper do after getting a call?
The helper can ask the admin to teleport the guy learning and the helper away, do void further problems.
The first thing that the helper needs to do is to ask the player if he has any clue about role play.
The helper will start explaining the rules to the player.
The helper needs to explain the commands /me and /do and what are they used for.
The helper must show the player role play examples and test if he understood.
In the end the helper needs to test the player the rules and test him in basic role play, if he fails he can start the test again.
After finished an administrator needs to be contacted to teleport back if it is needed.
After you're finished, the helper needs to join the forums and write the players name at a special section that will be made.

If you guys have any ideas to add or something else, feel free to comment down below.

Archive / Re: The Beltrán-Leyva Cartel
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:15:58 am »
If you keep it like this, you are not going to be here for long.
Be more active on the game and start rope playing with people. I would also like to see some role play screen shots.

Archive / Re: 125 Courts Yard Disciples [Official Gang]
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:13:25 am »
Thank you all for your comments, we really appreciate it.
Willard keep up with the Screen shots, if you continue like that you will have a long story in this gang,

Archive / Re: 808 MurdaMafia
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:01:34 am »
Add the application requirements such as OOC rules, Ic rules etc. Otherwise good luck and have fun with it.

Accepted / Ray_Washington- Correctional Officer Application
« on: July 17, 2016, 11:36:47 pm »
((In Character))
Last Name: Washington
First Name: Ray
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 13/5/1980
Address: Blueberry, Town Hall St. N788
Age: 38
College degree: 1st
Drivers License: *Drivers License would be attached here* (VALID)

Has any of your licenses been suspended, if yes please indicate the License with the reason of it's suspension: None.

Are you a citizen of the State of San Andreas?: Yes.

Have you ever been arrested, detained or charged with a crime? If yes, explain why: No.

Have you ever been affiliated in any organizations or gangs? Negative.

Have you ever tried to join the Blueberry Prison Guards? If yes, when?: Negative, this would be the first time sending an application.

Life Biography: (300 words at least)
Ray Washington was born by Ashley in General Hospital, Ashley was nine teen when she did that. Ashley was young and she had problems when she born Ray, she died on the hospital one day after giving birth to her son. Ray lived with his Mexican father and his grandparents in Ganton. At that time Ganton was filled with gang bangers, Ray’s father Juan was a good cop. Juan went to work every day and tried his best to stop this young people doing crimes. As Ray was growing up, he started hanging out with the people around his neighborhood. Ray never wanted to be a criminal, but he liked the sound of it, Ray’s father got shot down when Ray was ten. Since then Ray never hanged out with the people around his neighborhood. When Ray got to high school he started studying a lot more than he did before. He always wanted to be a cop like his father, and make the world a better place. Ray finished the high school with the best grades and took the award of student of the year twice while he was in highs school. His grandparents died in a car accident, they was the last people that were related with Ray. Ray had to move to Las Venturas for his college, he studied for detective. He finished the college after few years, he used to learn a lot and study more than he hanged out with his friends. Ray didn’t find any good jobs in Las Venturas so he decided to move back to Los Santos, but this time he stopped in the country. He first lived in Palomino, he worked in an electronic shop. He moved to Blueberry after few years, when he was thirty five. In Blueberry he worked in the ammo nation as an instructor for firing weapons. Washington’s dream to be a cop never shut down.

Out of all the other candidates, why do you think YOU'RE fit for the job?
I have experience in the job since I have graduated for this. I am able to use a weapon the right way, I never use lethal force unless it is needed. Before I take any action I think twice. I am not corrupted at all, I know three languages, I know Spanish, English and French. That would help for the communication with other prisoners.
((Out of Character))
Real Name(OPTIONAL): Not needed.
Real Age: 15
Location: Macedonia,
Timezone: GMT+1
In-Game Level: 1
Do you have a microphone: I do.
Do you have any communication applications, please indicate which: Teamspeak3, Discord, Skype.
Do you have any previous/other characters or names? If yes list them below and their affiliations/factions: Jack Coleman

Are you currently a member of any other faction(s)? If yes, list them below:  At my second character, Jack Coleman I am at 125 Courts Yard Disciples.

Can you communicate effectively in the English language?: Yes, I can.

Post a SCREENSHOT of your In Game stats!

Have you been jailed? If yes please put the reason: No.

Have you been banned? If yes please indicate the reason: Nope.

Explain why would you like to join this faction: (125 words at least)
I want to join the faction for few reasons actually. One of them is that I'm trying to get my old character developed, I'm really want to be a cop because that is one of my dreams. I have seen few corrupt officers so I'm joining to do my best to get rid of all those corrupted officers and contribute my best to get the faction better. I am a great role player and I am not all about winning. I accept loosing, I am in the helper community which means that I can role play. I like being a cop in real life and I wanted to give it a shot for this department, I also wanted to join for further experience in my life.

Archive / Re: 125 Courts Yard Disciples [Official Gang]
« on: July 15, 2016, 12:31:37 pm »
Postin' up.

Archive / Re: 125 Courts Yard Disciples [Official Gang]
« on: July 15, 2016, 12:24:20 pm »
I will speak with my gang members. But keep it in mind, not every black dude is in the gang.

Archive / Re: 125 Courts Yard Disciples [Under Contruction]
« on: July 14, 2016, 07:22:35 pm »
We killin' it

Archive / Re: 125 Courts Yard Disciples [Under Contruction]
« on: July 14, 2016, 06:49:54 pm »
Working out.

Archive / Re: 125 Courts Yard Disciples [Under Contruction]
« on: July 14, 2016, 06:39:32 pm »
Gangsta' sh*t.

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