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Blueberry Prison Roleplay In Game Rules
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:22:13 pm »

1. Roleplay
- You must always roleplay and stay In Character all the time.(unless OOCing with admin's permission)
- If you see any player breaking rules in the roleplay , /report and pause the RP until the admin handles your report.
- If you see any player breaking rules and can't /report (No admin online) just keep roleplaying and in meanwhile take screenshots and report at forums later.
- You can't RP in admin-prison
- You can't RP while admins are handling the roleplay.
- Non RP names are not allowed, your name must follow this format: Firstname_Lastname. You are not allowed to have celebrity names (i.e. easily recognizable in society) on your characters. The same goes for unrealistic names, gag names (e.g. Mike_Hunt, Ben_Dover, Al_Coholic, etc) and fun names that do exist in real life, but can still be considered trollish, like Gaylord.
- Roleplay Fear: Every human being cares about his life , So you need to always RP fear even if you are the toughest inmate in prison: Fear from getting isolated after doing something wrong, or when getting frisked while holding any illegal items , or from getting executed.
-You always should roleplay fear from weapons, such as melee weapons , and DoC weapons , even if they use rubber bullets.

2. Metagaming
- Using Out of character information In character is not allowed.
- Using name tags sa-mp provide to know someone's name is not allowed.
- Using PM or any other OOC communication to let someone know about an IC matter is not allowed. Example : Telling someone your location OOCly.
- Using acronyms or abbreviations such as OMG, LOL, u, ur, w8, lmao and/or smilies In-Character is not allowed.

3. Powergaming
- Powergaming is performing roleplay acts that just aren't humanly possible.
- Powergaming is also forcing roleplay on someone else and not giving them a proper chance in the roleplay.
- Having a perfect character without any weakness and disadvantages is not allowed.
- RPing having something you don't own is also not allowed.

4. Deathmatch
- Killing other characters for unrealistic or minor reasons is not allowed.
- Killing someone after robbing/scamming them is allowed (PK not CK)
- Revenge killing people is not allowed. Definition: Killing someone who just killed you, Killing someone that just robbed/scammed you and made you forget the scene RPly.
- Deathmatch is allowed inside the Boxing Ring.

5. Common Sense
-Harrassing another player is only allowed when you are ICly insulting someone.
-Continuously insulting people to provoke them for a fight or anything is not allowed even if you have a super racist character , You shouldn't flame people rapidly.
-OOC Disrespecting/Insult is strictly forbidden and will result in heavy punishments.
-Disrespecting admins because of a decision they made, is not allowed, you always have to respect what they chose.
- When an administrator makes a decision you are supposed to follow it without complaining.
- Do not go against an administrators decision, even if you think they are wrong.
- If you think an administrator is abusing their powers, follow their instructions but create a report on the forums afterwards.
-Insulting people/guards to provoke them for a fight , an arrest or a frisk is not allowed.
- And last but not least , always use your common sense , don't do something that you know it's wrong , only because it's not listed here.

3. Third Party Modifications
- Using 3rd-party programs to have an advantage over other players is not allowed.
- Using skin or vehicle or visual modifications is allowed.
- Using modifications that affect gameplay is forbidden. Example: Changing a big car model with a little one.

5. Prison Break/Riots/Brawls
- Prison Break attempt must first be approved by the admin who will oversee the entire roleplay from the start.
- There has to be at least five guards online and on duty.
- The escapee or the one leading the prison break has to be level 3 or higher and those going with him have to be level 2 or higher.
- The escapees must have a recently clean admin record, that means if you got aprisoned or banned during that week you cant attempt a PB.
- Admins are allowed to deny the prison break attempt.
- There can only be 1 prison break attempt every day.
- Time will be given by the admins to the escapees (depending on the number of escapees vs guards) Inmates have to stay invisible from the guards until the time ends in order to win the prison break.
- Admins will start giving the DOC members hints and clues in addition to local LEO reports on their radio (depending on what the inmates do outside). They have to solve this in order to locate the escapees before the time end to stop the prison break attempt.
- All escapees must be arrested in order to stop the prison break attempt.
- If the escapees win the prison break, the admin will give them a reward based on the way they escaped, how they succeeded to hide outside, their RP skill and imagination during the breakout. Rewards could be free cells, cash rewards, weapons or narcotics.
- There will be vehicles spawned across Red County that the inmates can use to escape.
- If theres happens to be a vehicle chase going on during the breakout, it would be a script chase, you're not obliged to RP car crashes or flips.
- Water evading is not allowed: you can swim but olympic swimming is not allowed. Using boats to go away from the coast into the infinite waters is also not allowed, you have to remain close to San andreas coast.
- There will be more checkpoints available in Red County and surrounding areas for the inmates to find and use. (this is not implemented in game yet).
-Fences all around the prison are electric fences , you can't simply use hook or ladder to get top of it and jump to other side.

6. Quitting to avoid
-Quitting to avoid death is not allowed. Punishments: Admin Prison for 1 hour, warning (This may lead to ban if you rulebreak continuously) Money fines and losing the weapons you were carrying
-Quitting to avoid isolation is also not allowed.

7. Character Killing
- You need a very strong IC reason to CK someone.
- If you CK someone , He has the chance to accept it , or deny it , if he denies it , you have 24 hour to make a report in forums , explaining your reasons to CK him , It will be up to admins to decide if your CK reason was valid or not.
- Note that quality of your Character kill RP will affect admins decision, If your reasons are strong enough but poorly roleplayed they will be denied.
- If you get CKed, you will have to choose a new name for your character if you want to keep playing on that account, You will lose the drug/weapon/materials you had in pocket on death, you may keep your Faction rank or your cell and your locker room money. (Unless you don't want them and want to start over clean.)
- You shouldn't use CKed names.(You can't bring a dead character back)
- If you leave DOC or get dismissed you need to change your name , as a guard/medic can't resign and become a prisoner ..

8. Healing during fights
-Using any way to get an advantage over other players during a fight by using any drugs to get more armour or health is not allowed. If you are caught using a drug during a fight you will be heavily punished.
-If you run away from a battle to heal yourself you can't turn back and join the same fight.
-But you can join/start a new battle involving same individuals you were fighting.

9. SA-MP Physics Abuse
- Bunny Hopping: Jumping to get somewhere faster is against the rules. Although you may find this form of transportation to be convenient and quick it is abuse of GTA San Andreas physics.
-Using any exploit or bug to get an advantage over other players is not allowed.
*Definition of bug is using mapping bugs to get out prison or using any unwanted script problems that give you benefits.

10. Scamming and Robberies
-Robbing or scamming a level 1 is not allowed , the person you robbing should have level 2+. Level 1 players are also not able to use /pay command.
-You can scam or rob someone up to 50$ in a single robbery/scamming unless you got admin permission before it to rob for a higher amount of money.
-You can rob all melee weapons, ****, weed, pills, steroids with any amount.
-Guards can be robbed of their money and weapons. There must be more than 3 guards on duty online.
-Scamming Cells and robbing cell keys are not allowed.

11. Spamming
-Saying a couple of words/sentence more than 5 times in a short period of time is counted as spamming unless you are roleplaying a character with mental problem that repeats a sentence again and again.
-Using binds that require more than 5 lines is counted as spamming unless there is a couple of seconds of delay between it's lines.
*Also pressing a combination of binds that require more than 5 line will fall under this rule.
-Spamming in OOC chats are completely forbidden.

12. AFK and pausing
-Being AFK for less than 15 minutes is allowed.
-Going AFK/pausing to avoid RP is not allowed.
-Admins have right to kick you anytime they want when you are AFK.

13. Advertising
-Advertising any Sa-mp/MTA server is not allowed at all.
-Linking to SA-MP official forum is allowed but not to an advertisement inside it.

14. Weapons Possesion.
- The only way to have a weapon in BPRP is by buying it from a dealer, or crafting it by yourself (By joining a gang and obtaining smuggled materials, and using screws to create the weapon) or by robbing it from another player. You may not Roleplay creating the weapon by your self using /me and /do commands because we will not give you that weapon.

15. Disgusting & Toxic Roleplay
- Unless prior OOC permission is given by all parties involved, the following is strictly forbidden on this server and will lead to a ban: ****, Cannibalism, Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Dismemberment, Sexual harassment (any type of sexual roleplay, including touching someone inappropriately)
- If prior OOC permission is given by all parties involved, the roleplay must happen away from anybody else, where it will not potentially be interrupted. Subjecting others to see disgusting roleplay falls under this rule.
- If you begin to feel uncomfortable during disgusting roleplay, even after giving permission, you're allowed to stop it immediately by informing all other players involved.

16. Prison Brawls & Riots
- Brawls are fights that involve more than 2 people.
- Brawls between inmates or prison riots are allowed if they are RPed properly. Attacking a guard or a medic or starting a brawl requires 3+ guards on duty. To check the amount of guards on duty, use the player list table using TAB in game.
- Brawls can continue as a script brawl after all parties involved have RPed their way into the fight.
- Fighting is allowed inside the Boxing Ring.
- The prison has a CCTV camera system that covers most of the facility, except cell interiors. There is a control room watching over the prison CCTVs, so if no guards are present in an obviously monitored location and a violent situation happens, /pm a DOC member on duty.
- Outsiders are not allowed to join an ongoing brawl unless they roleplay it properly using /me command.
-You are not allowed to fight/knockout a guard unless there is more than 3 guards on duty and you must have a valid RP reason

17. Account Security
-Trying to hide your true identity when using any of our services (either with the help of proxies, VPN or other methods/programs) is strictly forbidden.
-You are NOT allowed to share or give out registered accounts to other people. This is a very serious offense which may get you banned permanently.
-Your IP, account and computer are your responsibility. Nobody else should be using your network, account or computer apart from you, so keep your passwords secure. If you think someone may know your account details, change them immediately. You will get no sympathy if a sibling or a friend of yours gains access to your account through your own carelessness and then gets you banned.
- Giving your accounts away to your friends because they don't want to waste time registering.
- You leave your password on display and your sibling logs into your account and gets banned.

18. Ban Evading
You are not allowed to create or use other accounts whilst having an active ban on any of your characters. Doing so will only lower the chances of the original ban being lifted and will obviously lead to your new/alternative account being banned as well.

19. Trading of In Game Goods
- If you would like to transfer any existing money or item from one of your characters to another, you must first acquire admin permission. You can request such permission in-game using the command /report. You will need a sufficient OOC and IC explanation as to why you would like to perform a transfer. If such permission is granted, you will need to have someone trustworthy help you transfer the goods from character to character.
- You are not allowed to sell/buy or advertise the selling/buying of any in-game money, cells, items, vip memberships or accounts to gain real life money. You are also not allowed to sell/buy Out Of Character items for/with In Character money/goods. In other words, no mixing of any IC/OOC goods and services.
- Paying someone in-game cash in exchange for a skin mod is not allowed.
- Advertising on external websites that you are selling BPRP money for real life money is not allowed.
- Buying VIP donation memberships and selling them to other players for in-game cash.

20. Cell Ownership & Absence
- Whilst we understand that most of the time absence from the game is unavoidable and out of anyone's control, we have a set of rules which must be followed if you wish to keep a cell whilst you have to leave the game or server for anything over a 20 days period. If your absence is noted then the cell will be removed and taken from you — no refund will be given. If you are going to be inactive for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended that you have your cell transferred to a trustworthy individual who can hold it for you during your period of inactivity.
- Normal players cells will be removed after 20 days of inactivity.
- VIP Members cells will be removed after 30 days of inactivity.
- Banned player cells will be removed after the ban is issued. (If the ban is for ban evading and turns out to be incorrect, the property can be returned)
- Logging in once in a while to avoid your cell being admin-sold is a direct breach of the rules and will result in a punishment being given to you along with the property being removed. No refunds are given.

21. Forum Rules
- No harassment, bullying or trolling, this includes but is not limited to: racism, discrimination, sectarianism and homophobia. No posting of copyrighted material such as games and movies. No doxing. No inappropriate videos or images on the forum, this applies to your posts, signatures and avatars. Use the search function before posting questions. English posts only. No spamming. No hijacking or derailing of threads. Do not advertise other servers or the sale of real life goods.
- Keep the size of your signatures under 250px in height. This limit includes everything in them, not just images. YouTube videos are larger than this size.
- Do not tell people they are breaking the forum rules — moderators deal with that, not you. If you spot a rule-breaker, report their post(s) and they will be handled.

22. Abuse of Furniture Items
- You are not allowed to extend out of a cell's original interior using /furniture. You must stick strictly to the limts of the cell's interior and avoid extending out into the exterior.
- Doing so will result in all of your furniture being removed without a refund. Repeated offenses will result in the  cell being admin-sold.
- Furniture must be put in your cell with some common sense (e.g. you can't put furnishing objects in the air to float for no reason)
- You can put some furniture objects close to your cell if you have an admin's approval and your closest neighbor(s)'s approval, too (e.g. you want to put a graffiti on the wall by your cell or a chair outside your cell).
- You are not allowed to share your furniture slots with your neighbors. Being caught doing so will result in your cell being admin-sold.

23. Character Change
- When you change your character's name and/or gender you are allowed to keep all your stats except your faction rank or gang rank (unless your faction/gang leader allows you to stay). That means you can to keep your money, cells, weapons, drugs etc... but you have to contact your leader about your rank. If he refuses it you will be removed from your faction/gang.

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